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This section provides material for teachers who are undertaking the GLL Training course.

Please note – training is the responsibility of Local Authorities.
  • Core Language provides the vocabulary introduced on the course and is set out in Units. Opportunities will be provided during training to hear and use all of the vocabulary and sound files are available in the Audio Section.
  • How Our Language Works gives sentence structure and grammar explanations. All will be discussed during the course with ample opportunity for practice and explanation.
  • Planners are for use initially when planning the two mini-lessons expected to be taught to the peer group during training. They can also be used for longer term planning of Gaelic language Learning.
  • L2 & L3 Overviews indicate direction & progression for schools using Gaelic as the L2 or L3 Language.
  • Homework is expected to be completed at the end of each unit and before the next unit commences. Answers will be provided and queries addressed in the subsequent training session.
  • Revision cards are a resource for revision and consolidation of topic based language and is initially used in training.
  • I Can Speak Gaelic may be used as a record of childrens’ progress and provide them with an indication of how much they have learned.
  • Assessment Records & CfE Records offer teachers a format for planning and recording progress and assessment.

Download them all below!

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Main downloads

Go!Gaelic - Core Language
648.10 KB 8355 downloads
Go!Gaelic - How Our Language Works
550.17 KB 9501 downloads
Go!Gaelic - Planners (All in zip file)
286.61 KB 11087 downloads
Go!Gaelic - CFE Record
132.73 KB 3398 downloads
Go!Gaelic - Assessment Record
203.57 KB 4088 downloads
Go!Gaelic - Homework
360.63 KB 5495 downloads
Go!Gaelic - I Can Speak Gaelic
1.58 MB 4260 downloads
Go!Gaelic - Overviews L2
1.36 MB 6461 downloads
Go!Gaelic - Overviews L3
847.57 KB 6558 downloads
Go!Gaelic - Revision Cards
94.38 KB 6175 downloads


Go!Gaelic - Time - Planner
1.08 MB 7737 downloads
Go!Gaelic - Weather - Planner
1.08 MB 9389 downloads
Go!Gaelic - Community - Planner
1.08 MB 7827 downloads
Go!Gaelic - Occupations - Planner
1.07 MB 8023 downloads
Go! Gaelic Activities